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From CBD Oil to I Can Hemp – Our Full Story

From using CBD oil our selves to the creation of I Can Hemp Products - the full story of I Can Hemp

Here is the story of I Can Hemp!

Brendan – I have been in blue-collar labor work all  my life. Pain comes with the job. Two years ago I was introduced to CBD oil as a relief for pain and anxiety.  Skeptical at first, I did a ton of research. Is this stuff legal? Does it work? Is it expensive?

At the time I was taking 1600 mg of Ibuprofen daily, and I was still in pain. Everything I read about CBD oil was positive, and yes it was legal! So I gave it a go.

I can not tell you what a life changer CBD oil and hemp extract has been in my life. For the first time I can work and live without pain.

Jessica – I knew my husband was hurting, and taking so many general pain killers was bad for his liver!

But when he came home talking about Hemp, I was not enthusiastic about the idea! He started telling me all the benefits of CBD oil  that he was reading about, and to be honest it sounded too good to be true.

Meanwhile, I was having my own pain issues. My work involves a lot of time on the computer. My shoulder ached, and my wrists were becoming  more and more sore.

After Brendan began using hemp extract with CBD, I could tell right away it was helping him. He could do all the activities he loved ..but without the usual strain in his face or groan.

He convinced me to give it a try. It was awesome – just a few minutes after I put the salve on my wrist and shoulder, I felt better.

I Can Hemp 

We believed in the benefits of CBD oil and hemp extract so much, we began telling everyone about it. Sadly, many people had the same negative associations with the plant. They wondered the same thing we did – is it legal? Is it safe?

We decided that hemp extract and CBD oil was so great, we wanted to make it, and spread the word ourselves!

I Can Hemp has two missions: First, to bring an high quality, natural product to people who need relief from pain and stress. Secondly, to help change mindsets and tell the world about all of the benefits of hemp extract and CBD oil.

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Drug Tests?

I Can Hemp is made with Organic Hemp grown here in Wake Country, NC. High in CBD, and very low in THC. Want to know what happens when someone uses I Can Hemp products and takes a Drug Test? We wanted to know too! Take a look!